Recover unpaid debts with our legal experts

Axia Litigation Lawyers has extensive experience in debt recovery for numerous individuals and businesses. Acting on behalf of all business types from SME’s to large corporations, we provide the advice needed to minimise the impact of unpaid debts on your bottom line.

The unfortunate reality is that the longer a debt remains unpaid the less it is worth. Debtors that are unwilling to pay on time or after initial reminders may be avoiding their responsibilities and regardless of whether it is an act of choice or necessity, the reality is that your business will suffer.

Axia is committed to minimising the disruption to your business through the provision of efficient and cost-effective recovery services. Working with our clients, we create targeted strategies that put you in the driver’s seat with the development and provision of sustainable debt recovery practices.

Debts in business are inevitable, however, with a strong selective debt management plan, your business can be protected. As a preventative measure, Axia will work with you and your team to create strong foundations that minimise the potential of bad debt whilst protecting your interests as the relationship with your debtors develop.

Axia's Expertise in Debt Recovery includes:

  • Debt Recovery
  • Development of sound debt recovery and management process
  • Coaching business teams in effective debt management processes

Fee for Service

In providing legal services to our clients, we strongly believe that we must demonstrate both financial and ethical value.

To meet this commitment, we will always provide you with a detailed scope of work and a fee estimate before we commence work. In some Estate matters, we may even be able to provide a fixed fee or deferred fee option. Regardless, you will always have complete transparency concerning your financial commitment, providing you with peace of mind.

Service Areas

Axia Litigation Lawyers currently provide Litigation and Dispute Resolution services across Australia and abroad with our head office on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Thanks to technology, borders are no barrier and we have the ability to provide expert advice to clients no matter where they live and work.