Nakita Brown



Nakita is an experienced commercial litigation lawyer, bringing over ten years of legal knowledge to the table. She spent some of her early career honing her skills in a boutique insolvency and bankruptcy firm, acquiring invaluable expertise in this specialised field. Over time, Nakita's Commercial Litigation prowess expanded to encompass a wide range of practice areas, including insolvency and bankruptcy, consumer law, employment law, property law disputes and debt recovery. She represents businesses, individuals, administrators, liquidators, and trustees alike.

Nakita thrives on problem-solving and assisting clients during challenging times, always mindful of their unique needs. She takes great pride in delivering and devising effective strategies to secure favourable outcomes for clients.

Beyond her legal expertise, Nakita actively engages with the local community and is a director of Sunny Kids Inc. In her spare time, you’ll find her taking on endurance sports challenges, having already completed Ultraman Australia, an Everesting Roam, and participating in multiple Ironman races. In 2021, Nakita and her team achieved a remarkable result by breaking the Oppy Qld Record for the longest distance ridden by an All-Female team, covering a staggering 431km within a 24 hours.

As a dedicated and compassionate legal professional, Nakita is committed to providing exceptional representation, advocating for her clients' best interests, and making a positive impact to the local community. Her combination of legal expertise, community involvement and sporting achievements sets her apart as an outstanding commercial litigation lawyer.