Shane Ulyatt


Senior Associate

Shane is a highly accomplished Senior Associate at Axia Litigation Lawyers.

With a specialised focus on civil and commercial litigation and dispute resolution, Shane expertly handles a broad spectrum of legal matters. His areas of expertise encompass debt disputes, domestic and commercial building construction issues, estate litigation, corporate insolvency,  personal bankruptcy and criminal law as well as company and business affairs.

Dedicated to providing clients with unparalleled guidance, Shane offers clear and concise legal advice, ensuring a thorough understanding of available options to effectively address their unique legal challenges. His ultimate goal is to secure the most favourable outcomes for clients. In the event of a client's appearance in court, Shane delivers exceptional professional advocacy and representation, honed by years of experience.

Shane's vast experience extends across multiple judicial courts, including the Supreme, District, and Magistrates Courts of Queensland. Additionally, he has litigated cases in the Federal Court, Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia, and the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal ('QCAT'). This extensive exposure reflects his comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape and his ability to navigate complex legal proceedings.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional legal services and a dedication to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, Shane consistently demonstrates his proficiency as a sought-after legal professional.