Stacey is an ambitious paralegal, currently in her inaugural year at Axia Litigation Lawyers. With a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from Deakin University in Melbourne, Stacey has a robust foundation in legal principles and a fervent interest in dispute resolution. Her passion for advocating for clients' rights is evident in her diligent preparation of cases, from evidence gathering to client communication.

During her academic career, Stacey distinguished herself not only through her scholarly achievements but also as a World Champion all-star cheerleader. This unique combination of academic rigor and elite sportsmanship has endowed her with exceptional discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills, which she now adeptly applies to her role as a paralegal.

Stacey's blend of legal knowledge, athletic discipline, and emerging expertise makes her a valuable asset to Axia Litigation Lawyers. She is deeply committed to upholding the firm's standards of excellence and contributing to its success, whilst pursuing her own professional growth within the legal field.